Engage GIT Technology as your technology partner. Our expert focus is on your IT and network needs. Free yourself to concentrate on your business success.


Back-up peace of mind

We build custom data back-up plans for each client. Rest assured that your files are always secure, Protect your business with solid data recovery solutions from GIT Technology. Strategic back-up and disaster recovery plans will protect your business and reputation.


The right size- always

We manage network provisioning to ensure you have the perfect amount of required space for your needs. Avoid costly over-provisioning with GIT Technology. Avoid getting over sold on expensive and unnecessary data warehousing fees. We only recommend what our clients need to run efficiently and securely.

Our Commitment to Support

We back up our services with an unsurpassed commitment to support. Each client is assigned a team of first responders whose mission is to fully understand the client’s business and IT environment. As a result, our support teams are able to fix most problems before they begin and take immediate action to resolve any problems that do come up.NetworkManage

Our Mission

At GIT Technology we enjoy technology and we’re passionate about making hard things easy to understand. Our mission is to simplify complex ideas into best-fit IT solutions that help clients achieve their business objectives. And because we love what we do, our clients can trust us to be there for them, now and in the future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help create IT environments for clients in which technology works seamlessly to help people achieve their goals. While we believe our clients don’t need every tool out there, they do need certain solutions in order to meet their business objectives. At GIT Technology, we’re determined to ensure our clients always get the tools that are best for them, whenever and wherever they need them.